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AvXML 1.0RC2 - Release Package

The full release package for AvXML 1.0RC2 contains:

Schemas (with embedded schematrons) and examples

Online version

  • metce
  • opm
  • iwxxm
  • saf
  • rule (Note: The schematron rules in this directory are the same as those embedded in the XSD files. These SCH files are provided for validation software which is unable to use embedded schematrons to validate)
  • examples

Compressed file bundle

Java representation of the schemas

UML Model

(Note: We suggest using Enterprise Architect Version 9.x instead of Version 10.x as we noticed that the original stereotypes and tagged values in the model may be changed when importing or editing with Version 10.x)

HTML documentation generated from the UML model

(Note: The pages are compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer, but not with Chrome)

Release Notes


WMO Codes Registry providing information about supplemental resources referenced by AvXML 1.0RC2.

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