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CBS Management Group - Fourteenth Meeting

Location: WMO Headquarters, Geneva.

Date: 17-19 January 2013

  • Registration & opening: 09:00 17 January 2013
  • Closing: 17:00 19 January 2013
  • Meeting Room: 8 Jura meeting room
  • Chair: Fred Branski
  • WMO contact: Steve Foreman and Peiliang Shi

Final report

Reference documents

Expert Team Membership for final approval


SessionThursday 17thFriday 18thSaturday 19th
0900-1045 1, 2, 3 5.3 3
1100-1230 4
4.1, 4.2, 4.3
4,4, 4.5
8, 8.1, 8.2 10a
1330-1515 5.4, 5.1 6, 6a, 6b, 6c 10b
1530-1730 5.2 7, 7.1 9, 10, 11
Close at 1700

Note: changes to the agenda made during the meeting will be shown on this web page

Current Agenda

1 Organization of the meeting
1.1 Opening of the session
1.2 Adopt the agenda
Approve the agendaThis page is the current version of the agenda
The Doc version of the agenda will not be updated further: 1.2(1)
1.3 Working arrangements for the session
1.4 Approve minutes of 13th meeting1.4(1)Foreman

2 Goals and Objectives for the Meeting

3 Responsibilities of management group members
Approve responsibilities of management group membersCBS-15 Doc 5.2(1)Branski

4 Approval of Work Plans
Approve membership of IOS Expert Teams4.1(1)Riishojgaard
Approve work plan of IOS 2013-20144.1(2)Riishojgaard
Approve membership of ISS Expert Teams4.2(1)Dell'Acqua
Approve work plan of ISS 2013-20144.2(2)
Approve membership of DPFS Expert Teams4.3(1)Mylne
Approve work plan of DPFS 2013-20144.3(2)Mylne
Approve membership of PWS Expert Teams4.4(1)Fleming
Approve work plan of PWS 2013-20144.4(2)Fleming

5 Cross-cutting activities
5.1 Global Framework for Climate Services (GFCS)
Agree approach for developing CBS response to GFCS )Branski
5.2 Severe weather forecasting demonstration project
Briefing to PTC on SWFDPPTC doc
Updated 16 Jan
Agree approach to exploiting the benefits of SWFDP Branski
5.3 Disaster Risk Reduction
Concept document on humanitarian aspects of DRRDoc 5.3
Concept Note
5.4 WIGOSWIGOS presentation Barrell

6 CBS contribution to the EC Working Group on Strategic and Operational Planning
a. Agree statement from CBS for presentation to EC WG SOP Branski
b. Quality Management and the operation of CBS
c. Lessons learned from CBS-15Doc6(2)Secretariat
7 Working with the regional Associations and other Technical Commissions
7.1 Regional Associations
Agree responsibilities for developing and leading a plan for improving regional implementation of the work of CBS7(1)Branski
7.2 Requests from other Technical Commissions
Agree response to requests from other Technical Commissions

8 Technical Regulations
8.1 Modifications required as a result of the EC review of Tech Regs
Agree changes to structure of CBS components of Tech Regs8.1(1)Shi
8.2 Technical changes not included in the CBS-15 documents
Agree approach to incorporating changes that were not submitted in the CBS-15 documentation8.2(1)Thomas

9 Date and venue for next session of CBS Management Group

10 Other Business
a. Arrangements for WWW 50th celebration
b. Arrangements and topics for next CBS meeting

11 Closure of the session
The meeting is expected to end at 1700 on 19 January 2013.

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Lessons learned from CBS-15
RA VI - Operating Plan

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