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First Meeting supporting the CBS-led Review on Emerging Data Issues

Meeting information

Report of the meeting: Draft final report of the meeting

Chair: Fred Branski
WMO & Webex contact: Steve Foreman
Note that the Wednesday afternoon session has moved to room C1 to accommodate the larger number of participants in the joint meeting.
Location: WMO Headquarters, Geneva. Wednesday: C1 (level below entrance), Thursday/Friday Jura 8.

Date: 13:30 31 August to 17:00 2 September 2016

Key objectives

The primary objectives of the meeting are to:
  • create a work plan an initial draft of recommendations to eighteenth Congress on policy and on actions that need to be taken to ensure that NMHS can address emerging issues resulting from changes in the availability of data, government and other policies on publication of data, and from changing roles of organizations resulting from changes in the use of data and the technology to support those changes
  • to prepare a work plan for the team that will result in a complete set of recommendations for submission to EC-69 (to be available by 1 April 2017).

Meeting details

Register for the meeting

Participants in the first meeting for the CBS-led Review on Emerging Data Issues will be sent an official invitation.

Travel information

Teleconferencing details

Tips on using WebEx
There are no plans for attendance by teleconference

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