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Welcome to the CG-FV pages

CG-FV is part of the WMO's OPAG on Data-processing and Forecasting Systems (OPAG-DPFS). These pages are intended to be used by the group for developing documents and plans for the CG-FV.

Terms of Reference for the CBS Coordination Group on Forecast Verification (CG-FV):

(a) In consultation with the relevant Expert Teams, review procedures for verification of the performance of forecasting systems to ensure that they are adequate and meet CBS needs;

(b) Ensure that verification systems are appropriate to emerging forecast types such as probabilistic forecasts, very high resolution NWP products, and nowcasting products;

(c) Develop suitable verification procedures for severe weather forecasts and warnings;

(d) Review Lead Centre activities and provide guidance as appropriate;

(e) Liaise with WWRP/WGNE as required;

(f) Provide guidance on how to implement verification systems.


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