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AvXML Version 1.0 Release Candidate 2
This is a draft of the proposed web page for AvXML 1.0RC2. It will be moved to the correct position when the release is ready to be published.

Initial development of the WMO Logical Data Model, metce, is aimed at supporting an XML representation of weather information to support the use of XML by ICAO.

This page provides information about testing of the second release candidate of this and associated models and their XML schema.

How to comment on AvXML 1.0 RC2

Please refer to the separate wiki page on how to submit a comment on AvXML 1.0 RC2.

Release Package for AvXML version 1.0RC2

The full package is linked from the Release Package wiki page and contains:
  • Schemas (with embedded schematrons) and examples - as separate files and as a compressed file containing all the elements
  • Java representation of the schemas
  • UML model in Enterprise Architect Project file format
  • UML model in XMI format
  • HTML documentation generated from the UML model.
  • Release notes
  • Simple tutorial describing METAR and VA SIGMET XML instances and a Primer document.
  • Web registry containing for URIs used within AvXML.

Release Notes

Release notes for AvXML 1.0RC2 are included in the release Package. They are available from the Release Notes wiki page.

Structure of AvXML

AvXML is built on several packages:

Packages managed by WMO

  • metce - a set of foundation building blocks to support application schema in the domains of interest to WMO, notably the weather, climate, hydrology, oceanography and space weather disciplines
  • Observable Property Model - based on work by the OGC Sensor Working Group, this allows creation of definitions that are derived from the meteorological basic types.

Packages managed by ICAO

  • iwxxm - ICAO Weather Information Exchange Model - defines the reports required by ICAO (the equivalent of METAR/SPECI, TAF and SIGMET) that are built from the components of the packages managed by WMO
  • saf - Simplified Aviation Features, that allow items such as airports, or runways to be described to the level of detail required for reporting aviation weather

More details of these packages are available on a separate wiki page.


Some examples of how the AvXML standard has been applied are available.

Index to supporting pages

The structure of the pages within the wiki that support this consultation is shown below.

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