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Welcome to the Expert Team on Aircraft-based Observations (ET-AIR) pages.

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Test AMDAR? page

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Terms of Reference
(a) Coordinate with the AMDAR Panel to develop a harmonized AMDAR work plan;
(b) Review and report to CBS on the AMDAR Programme activities including the integration of AMDAR into WIGOS;
(c) Develop future governance for the AMDAR Programme;
(d) Steer the implementation of the WIGOS AMDAR Pilot Project;
(e) Develop a data policy for AMDAR;
(f) Develop standard practices for AMDAR;
(g) Provide input into the EGOS-IP for AMDAR;
(h) Report on training requirements and activities for AMDAR;
(i) Provide advice and support to the Chairperson of OPAG-IOS on development and implementation of WIGOS concept.

Documentation Pages
  1. OPAG OSS Homepage
  2. WIS Home Page

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