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ET WISC Meeting Page (18-22 April 2016)



Joint meeting of the Expert Team on WIS Centres (ET-WISC) and Task Team on GISCs (TT-GISC)

Melbourne, Australia. 18-22 April 2016
ETWISC2016 Melbourne

Chairperson : Li Xiang
Secretariat Contact: David Thomas
Local Coordinator: Weiqing Qu
Meeting Room: 6th Floor conference room, Bureau of Meteorology Building. 700 Collins Street, Docklands (Mlebourne)
Working hours: 9am to 17:30
Registration: 8:30-9:00am Monday 18 April in the meeting room

Output Documents

Information documents

  • Info01 - Information for participants
  • Info02 - ET-WISC Doc Template
  • Info03 - ET-WISC PPT Template
  • Info04 - TT-GISC Doc Template
  • Info05 - TT-GISC PPT Template
  • Info06 - Report of the TT-GISC 2015 Meeting
  • Info07 - Report of the ET-WISC 2014 Meeting


Core and associate members of ET-WISC and members of TT-GISC were invited to a joint meeting of ET-WISC2016 and its task team TT-GISC2016. Issues affecting primarily GISCs and relevant to both ET-WISC and TT-GISC were addressed on Monday to Tuesday. Other issues were addressed on Wednesday to Thursday. To aid discussion, the agenda was broken into two parts as follows:
TT-GISC agenda covers Monday to Tuesday,

ET-WISC agenda covers Wednesday to Friday

Note that the Chair of ICT-ISS will be operating a half day workshop during the ET-WISC (Agenda item 8) addressing the WIS strategy and related issues. TIming of actual agenda items will depend on the work plans to be provided by the chairs.

See tabs below for agenda and document allocation


Documents list for ET-WISC2016 and TT-GISC2016 meeting


  • Doc01 - IPET MDRD 3 question to ET-WISC and TT-GISC
  • Doc02 - TT CGMS/WMO WIS Portal Usability Report (AI TT-GISC 10, ET-WISC 5.7)
  • Doc03 - TT-GISC Agenda
  • Doc04 - TT-GISC Work Plan
  • Doc05 - User interface for Global Campus (AI TT-GISC 10, ET-WISC 5.7)
  • Doc06 - Data policies (TT-GISC AI 7. ET-WISC 5.1)
  • Doc07 - Catalogue Consistency (TT-GISC 15/1-08 & TT-GISC/02 and ET-WISC 5.1)
  • Doc08 - GISC Toulouse global cache
  • Doc09 - GISC Toulouse global cache (7z)
  • Doc10 - WIS Monitoring_Cache (JMA)
  • Doc11 / PPT - Status GISC Offenbach (TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc12 / PPT - Report on Cache in or through the cloud
  • Doc13 - Summary response of GISCs to IPET MDRD Liaison Statement (TT-GISC-Doc01)
  • Doc14 - Excel tool for creating Metadata XML (AI 7)
  • Doc15 - GISC Toulouse Status (TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc16 - GISC Tokyo Status (TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc17 / PPT - Status GISC Moscow (TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc18 - Status GISC Tehran (TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc19 - Status GISC Exeter (TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc20 - Status GISC Washington (TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc21 - Status GISC Casablanca (TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc22 - Status GISC Beijing(TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc23 - Status GISC Exeter (TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc24 - Status GISC Seoul(TT-GISC AI 2)
  • Doc25 - Status GISC Brasilia (TT-GISC AI 2)


  • Doc01 - ET-WISC Agenda
  • Doc02 - ET-WISC Work Plan
  • Doc03 - Background from Cg, EC and CBS
  • Doc04 - Structure and Terms of Reference of ET-WISC and TTs
  • Doc05 - Report on Identification of principal and associated GISCs
  • Doc06 - Status of WIS implementation plans (Regional and National)
  • Doc07 - Status of ET-WISC action/work plans
  • Doc08 - Action Plans for ET-WISC and TTs
  • Doc09 - WIS Monitoring (JSON-Spec)
  • Doc10 - Feedback to HMEI
  • Doc11 - Cooperation with Industry (HMEI)
  • Doc12 / PPT - Status report Hong Kong
  • Doc13 - Status of IRIMO Data Centre
  • Doc14 - Status IQWMA software.ppt
  • Doc15 - Strategy - Intro
  • Doc16 - Strategy - questions WG2


TT-GISC Agenda

1. Opening of the meetingChair
2.GISC status GISCs
3.Review action and recommendations (See TT-GISC 2015 Report Appendix C)
14/1-2 Use of WIS CompetenciesGISCs
14/1-11 Internal Forum GISCs
14/1-12 Cloud usage legal issues Chairs ET-CTS, TT-GISC Chair, GISCs
14/1-13 GISC based Monitoring Project leader and Tech leader (see TT-GISC/06)
14/1-14 WIS Governance ITT-WIS (Secretariat)
14/1-15 Definition of bulletin for cache GISCs
14/1-16 Cache access UK (lead), Germany, France and Japan
14/1-17 User federation France (Lead), USA, Germany, Japan, China, Australia, UK
14/1-20 GISC operations guide Chair
14/1-21 WMO DCPC Secretariat and ET-WISC.
14/1-22 GISC svc messages France and Germany
15/1-01 Missing GISC reportsGISCs Jeddah, New Dehli, and Tehran
15/1-02 Fwd TT-GISC 2015 Doc19 to WIS monitoring team Chair
15/1-03 Generation of Vol C1 GISCs
15/1-04 GISC training GISCs
15/1-05 Add RMTNs Brazil
15/1-06 Monitoring Chair, GISC Monitoring Team (see TT-GISC/06)
15/1-07 Fwd TT-GISC 2015 Doc29 to IPET-MDRD Chair
15/1-08 Clarification from Germany Germany
15/1-09 GEOSS interoperabilityGISCs
15/1-10 Sub team on core cache TT-GISC Chair, Cache sub team, GISCs, Ms Zhu
15/1-11 NoLimitation data policy GISCs
15/1-12 WMO_DistributionScopeCode GISCs
15/1-13 Fwd TT-GISC 2015 Doc16 to IPET-MDRD Mr Heene
15/1-14 GISC back up registry GISCs, secretariat
15/1-15 Reveiw then escalate Draft DBNet Guide (TT-GISC 2015 Doc08) GISCs, Secretariat
15/1-16 Melb meeting Australia Secretariat
4. TT-GISC actions (From ET WISC Action Plan)
TT-GISC/01Metadata harvesting
TT-GISC/02Metadata catalogue consistency
TT-GISC/0324h cache completeness
TT-GISC/04User interface (Base functions…)
TT-GISC/05GISC backup procedures
TT-GISC/06WIS monitoring
TT-GISC/07Data policies management
TT-GISC/08User registration parameters
TT-GISC/09Standard support provided by GISC to their NCs and DCPCs
TT-GISC/10Harmonization of File format of 24h cache
TT-GISC/11Operational GISCs communication
TT-GISC/12Provide support to TT-CAC for GISC rolling review
TT-GISC/13WIS users authentication and authorization
TT-GISC/14Propose procedures for NC sand DCPCs wishing to change their principal GISC
TT-GISC/15Organize TT-GISC group meeting
5. Establishment of Training Land in GISC catalogues
6. Monitoring
7. Metadata Management
8. Cache management (including Cache in the cloud)
9. WIS security
10. Users & user interface
11. Review of GISCs operations
12. Other business
13. Review of decisions
14. Next meeting (Date and location)
15. Meeting close