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Welcome to the ET-nNERA pages

ET-nNERA is part of the WMO's OPAG on Data-processing and Forecasting Systems (OPAG-DPFS). These pages are intended to be used by the team for developing documents and plans for the ET-nNERA.

Terms of Reference for the CBS Expert Team on Modelling the Atmospheric Transport for Non-nublear ERA (ET-nNERA):

(a) Monitor the needs of the NMHSs for atmospheric transport modelling and identify those areas in which RSMCs can be of assistance;

(b) Identify and promote technical resources which can assist NMHSs in developing their atmospheric transport modelling capabilities, particularly for limited area non-nuclear emergencies such as chemical releases to the atmosphere;

(c) Monitor the atmospheric transport modelling capabilities of RSMCs and other centres for support to transboundary non-nuclear emergencies, related to emissions from various sources such as volcanic eruptions, dust storms, large fires, and biological incidents, with the goal of improving operational arrangements;

(d) Develop strategies to strengthen operational links with international organizations relevant to non-nuclear ERA, and between NMHSs and relevant national authorities.


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