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Welcome to the WIS WIKI.

Upcoming WIS meetings

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Past WIS meetings:


Current consultations on proposed technical standards


Current groups

Photographs from previous meetings related to WIS

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Documentation Pages

  1. CBS Home Page
  2. WIS Home Page
  3. Documentation of WIS
  4. WMO Core Metadata (Discovery)
  5. Training materials to support WIS centres (includes links to the WIS Competences and Training & Learning Guide)
  6. Uniform Resource Identifiers
  7. Short URLs provided by the wis.wmo.int
  8. Manual on WIS. This Manual includes the requirements on WIS centres and the definition of the WIS Discovery Metadata standard. The wiki page links to the published version of the Manual and to updates to the Manual that have been approved and not yet included within the published text.
  9. Manual on GTS
  10. Manual on Codes. The defines the alhpanumeric codes, the table driven code forms (GRIB, BUFR and CREX) and the model driven code forms (IWXXM, METCE).
  11. Advice for the secretariat when supporting CBS meetings

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