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IPET-DD - Inter-Programme Expert Team on Data Representation
This team is the successor of IPET-MDRD. Information on previous meetings and documents are available from the IPET-MDRD page.


Teleconference notes

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Current activities

Model driven data representations

  • WIGOS metadata data representation - a trial version is being developed for preliminary use.
  • IWXXM 2 - version 2.1 is being proposed to EC-69 for operational use.

WIS Discovery metadata

Guidance on WIS metadata will be considered by EC-69 for inclusion in the Guide to WIS.

Task Teams

IPET-DD has divided its workload between four task teams that work by correspondence.

Proposed data management changes that are the responsibility of IPET-DD

 ManualCommitteeProposal identifierStage ReachedProcedureDescriptionLead expertLastModifComsatts
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM52 Proposal receivedUndecidedIntroduce guidance and standards for WIS Discovery metadata that will allow a schedule of reporting times from observing...Guillaume AubertWed 29 of Nov, 2017 08:22 CET0List Attachments0
openManual on Codes Vol I.3IPET-DDMM51 ApprovedSimple (Fast Track)Introduce sub-release 2.1.1 of iwxxm and its supporting environment. This sub-release does not change the schemas and all...Tue 10 of Apr, 2018 11:36 CEST1List Attachments0
openManual on Codes Vol I.3IPET-DDMM50 Proposal receivedUndecidedImplement IWXXM 3 to support the changes to ICAO Annex 3 in Amendment 79.Wed 12 of Jul, 2017 20:22 CEST0List Attachments0
openManual on Codes Vol I.3IPET-DDMM49 Proposal receivedUndecidedIntroduce significant weather charts into IWXXM (high and medium level) without preventing future inclusion of low level...Wed 12 of Jul, 2017 20:15 CEST0List Attachments0
openManual on Codes Vol I.3IPET-DDMM48 Proposal receivedSimple (Fast Track)Following a decision by ICAO MetP/WG-MIE-3, check that IWXXM reports validate if they contain only the minimum content...Aaron BraeckelWed 12 of Jul, 2017 20:45 CEST0List Attachments0
openManual on Codes Vol I.3IPET-DDMM47 Proposal receivedSimple (Fast Track)Code tables supporting WIGOS metadata data representation and the WIGOS metadata standard. See attachments.Tue 30 of May, 2017 13:39 CEST0List Attachments2
openManual on Codes Vol I.3IPET-DDMM46 Proposal receivedSimple (Fast Track)Add Atmospheric constituents as proposed by TT-ACV to the WIGOS metadata tables on codes.wmo.intMon 29 of May, 2017 08:54 CEST0List Attachments1
openManual on Codes Vol I.3IPET-DDMM45 Proposal receivedUndecidedICAO Air Navigation Commission Amendments to Annex 3 Item 20401.Tue 14 of Feb, 2017 09:00 CET1List Attachments2
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM44Amend the definition of WMOOther to clarify that this applies to data with restrictions that are not described in WMO...Mon 29 of May, 2017 09:53 CEST0List Attachments0
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM42UndecidedProvide a mechanism for describing requirements on users of information (such as attribution, payments) in the WIS metadata...Mon 29 of May, 2017 09:54 CEST0List Attachments0
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM38UndecidedAdd a new WMODataLicense of NotInternational to indicate that the information is not intended for international exchange....Mon 29 of May, 2017 09:55 CEST1List Attachments0
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM36UndecidedDevelop a mapping between the descriptions of data policy in the WMO Core Profile and the GEOSS data policies (for version...Mon 29 of May, 2017 09:55 CEST0List Attachments0
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM35UndecidedSpecify a maximum length for a gmd:fileIdentifier (so that application developers can make their applications more efficient)Mon 29 of May, 2017 09:56 CEST0List Attachments0
openManual on Codes Vol I.3IPET-DDMM34Complex (At Commission Session)Introduce the data representation standard for WIGOS metadataDom LoweMon 29 of May, 2017 09:56 CEST0List Attachments0
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM31UndecidedIs it possible to create a hierarchy of metadata records so that search can be made simpler by returning fewer records that...Mon 29 of May, 2017 09:56 CEST0List Attachments0
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM30UndecidedIntroduce a hierarchy into code list items. Users of the WIGOS metadata interface find it very difficult to find code list...Mon 29 of May, 2017 09:57 CEST1List Attachments0
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM29UndecidedCombine code lists for WIS metadata and WIGOS metadata where appropriate (for example lists of parameter names) - and should...Mon 29 of May, 2017 09:57 CEST1List Attachments0
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM26 Proposal receivedExceptionalCan the Data Format be encoded as an entry from a code list (ie introduce a code list of formats). This code list would also...Tue 10 of Apr, 2018 11:51 CEST2List Attachments0
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM13UndecidedFor those datasets that are produced as routine and contain observations, indicate the delay between the nominal time of the...Mon 29 of May, 2017 10:00 CEST0List Attachments1
openManual on WISIPET-DDMM7UndecidedExpand use of Scope of Distribution keywordMon 29 of May, 2017 10:02 CEST1List Attachments1
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