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Welcome to the IPET-DRMM pages
IPET-DRMM (Inter-Programme Expert Team on Data Representation Maintenance and Monitoring) is the team that is tasked with developing and maintaining the data representations used for the exchange of data and products within the WMO Information System.

Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference - to be updated shortly to reflect the decisions at CBS-15 for IPET-DRMM explain its responsibilities in more detail.

Agreed documentation

The documents listed in this section have been agreed by the IPET-DRMM as candidates for formal approval. They have no formal status.


Documents under discussion

The documents listed in this section are under discussion and are subject to change without notice. Their content has no formal status.

Development of GRIB Edition 3

IPET-DRMM is developing the thrid edition of GRIB. You can see their working documents in the page linked below. There is also a page where you can make suggestions.

Development of BUFR Edition 5

IPET-DRMM is also planning to evolve BUFR.

Related Task Teams

Task Team on Aviation XML is a short-term task team to co-ordinate the XML representation of weather information between WMO and ICAO.

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