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IWXXM standard

The IWXXM Standard

The status of releases of IWXXM is recorded under the pages on the Manual on Codes Volume I.3. The plans for future releases of IWXXM are also available on a separate page.

Tools to support implementation of IWXXM

WMO has been notified of organizations able to provide tools to suport use of IWXXM. This list is on a separate page.

IWXXM 1.1 (supports ICAO amendment 76)

The sixteenth World Meteorological Congress approved IWXXM version 1.1 (formerly known as AvXML), a WMO standard data representation to be included in the new Volume I.3 of WMO-No. 306, Manual on Codes. This version of IWXXM was introduced to support Amendment 76 to Annex 3.

The formal definitions of this standard are in https://wis.wmo.int/ManCodes3, https://schemas.wmo.int/iwxxm/1.1 and http://codes.wmo.int. Additional linformation is available from the wiki page: AvXML-1.

IWXXM 2.1 (supports ICAO amendment 77)

Initial documentation of IWXXM version 2.1 is provided on this wiki in draft form. IWXXM 2.1 is intended to address the requirements of Amendment 77 to ICAO Annex 3.

IWXXM 2.1 will be documented in the Manual on Codes volume I.3 (this is currently being edited), http://schemas.wmo.int/iwxxm/2.1 and http://codes.wmo.int. Additional guidance is available from IWXXM-2.


IWXXM 3 is under development. The first approved version will be IWXXM 3.0, but before that working drafts labelled as IWXXM 3.0 RCnwill be produced for consultation. Any version of IWXXM labelled as "RC" must not be used for operations.

Documentation for IWXXM 3.0 will be provided on the IWXXM 3.0 wiki page as it is developed.

Reporting issues and requesting help

If you think you have identified an issue with iwxxm that may need a change to the specification or code lists, please use the issue reporting procedure.

If you need help with interpreting the iwxxm specifications, the team may be able to assist. Please send an email to cbs-tt-avxml @ wmo.int.

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