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This page provides informal guidance. The information on this page has no status within WMO (see WMO Regulations 43 & 44)

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IWXXM v2 - Release Packages


WMO Codes Registry providing information about supplemental resources referenced by IWXXM 2.

Schemas, schematrons and examples

Note: References to WMO and ICAO Technical Regulations within the XML schema shall have no formal status and are for information purposes only. Where there are differences between the Technical Regulations and the schema, the Technical Regulations shall take precedence. Technical Regulations may impose requirements that are not described in the schema.

Online version

Compressed file bundle

Java representation of the schemas

Note: Java-bindings provided in IWXXM v1 are for demonstration only and it will no longer be provided starting from IWXXM v2. Those who need help may want to check if any contributed software is available at the WMO IWXXM forum.

Release Notes

UML Model

Note: We develop the models and transform them into XML schemas with Enterprise Architect Version 12.1

HTML documentation generated from the UML model

Note: The pages are compatible with Firefox and Internet Explorer, but not with Chrome.
  • Compressed file containing html files for IWXXM 2.1 and METCE 1.2. Note: you need to unpack the folder structure and view index.htm.
  • Web versions for IWXXM 2.1 and METCE 1.2. Note: if you have problems reading the web pages with one browser, they may work in another.

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