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IWXXM - Procedure for reporting issues
This page describes the procedure for reporting issues with iwxxm.

Note that this procedure is used to collect reports of problems with iwxxm  and its ability to represent OPMET information as required by ICAO and WMO Technical Regulations. Issues raised through this procedure will considered by TT-AvXML as part of the formal review procedures for iwxxm.

Before raising an issue, please check the documentation for the current release of IWXXM to make sure that a solution has not already been identified.

If you are sure that the issue has not already been reported, please send an email to cbs-tt-axvml@wmo.int explaining the issue in enough detail for it to be addressed. The email address from which you send the email will be the one used for correspondence. Please make it clear which release of iwxxm your issue relates to.

Current issues can be viewed at the team's github site.

The same github site will be used to gather feedback on release candidates.

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