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WMO-No. 306. Manual on Codes Volume I.3 - Representations derived from data models

This page links to the current and past editions of the Manual on Codes Volume I.3. Versions listed as "Edition" or "Update" contain the full text of the Manual. Versions listed as "Amd" contain only the changes from the previous version.

The Manual on Codes Volume I.3 refers to code tables. The contents of these are also available through http://codes.wmo.int. The status of releases of representations derived from data models is summarized on another page for easy reference.

2015 Edition of the Manual on Codes Volume I.3

VersionImplementation datearenesfrruzhCode lists
Fast track MM5115 May 2018 ar en es fr ru zh
2015 Edition updated 2017 1 November 2017 arenesfrruzh
2015 Edition 1 January 2016 arenesfrruzh

Current consultations on Manuals and Guides

ConsultationConsultation summaryTypeClosing date
There are no current consultations.

Representations for experimental and preliminary operational use (text in draft)

WIGOS metadata data representation (wmdr)

CBS-16 agreed that the XML representation of WIGOS metadata should be used experimentally by Members for the exchange of WIGOS metadata. Subsequently, the ICG-WIGOS Task Team on WIGOS Metadata has identified adjustments that are needed to the WIGOS metadata standard, and designing the interface with OSCAR/surface has identified issues that needed clarification.

The version currently recommended for experimental use is WMDR 1.0 RC4, the schemas for which can be found at http://schemas.wmo.int/wmdr/1.0RC4. The associated documentation is available from the page on release 1.0RC4.

Representation of information in support of international air navigation (IWXXM)

Exchange of aviation information in XML should use iwxxm 1.1 or iwxxm 2.1. More information is available on ManCodes3Validity?.
Additional guidance on the application of IWXXM in an ICAO context is provided on another page.

Amendments have been made to iwxxm to allow representation of additional types of information as required by Amendment 78 to Annex 3 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation. Version iwxxm 2.1 was approved by EC-69 for inclusion in the Manual on Codes.

Schemas for version 2.1 are available from
http://schemas.wmo.int/iwxxm/2.1, and documentation from http://wis.wmo.int/file=3517.

The documentation for iwxxm 2.1 is preliminary and subject to editorial changes. Additional information is available on the ((IWXXM-2|IWXXM V2 wiki page.

Supporting information

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