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WMO-No. 386. Manual on the Global Telecommunication System

Consultation on Fast Track amendments to Manual on GTS

ConsultationConsultation summaryTypeClosing date
There are no ongoing consultations on amendments to the Manual on GTS.

2015 edition of the Manual on the GTS

VersionImplementation dateenesfrru
Amendment MM431 November 2016en
2015 Edition 1 January 2016enesfrru

2011 edition of the Manual on the GTS

VersionImplementation dateenesfrru
2011 Edition Updated 20131 January 2014enesfrru
2011 Edition 1 January 2012enesfrru

Regional implementation of the GTS

Regional implementation of the GTS is no longer documented in the Manual on GTS.

1991 edition of the Manual on the GTS Volume II - Regional Aspects

VersionImplementation datearenesfrruzh
Vol II - Regional Aspects 1991 enesfrru

Amending the Manual on GTS

Resolution 19.2(2)/1 (EC-68) approved the use of the simple (fast track) procedure for amending the following components of WMO-No 386 Manual on Codes:
  • Attachment I-1 (Arrangements for the collection of Ships weather reports and oceanographic reports (BATHY/TESAC));
  • Attachment I-2 (Configuration of the Main Telecommunications Network); and
  • Attachment II-5 (Data Designators T1T2A1A2ii in abbreviated headings).

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