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WMO-No. 1060. Manual on the WMO Information System

This page links to the current and past editions of the Manual on WIS which is part of Technical Regulations 49. Versions listed as "Edition" or "Update" contain the full text of the Manual. Versions listed as "Amd" contain only the changes from the previous version.

The Manual on WIS contains the definition of the WMO Core Profile of the ISO 19115 Geographic Metadata standard. That definition is supported by machine readable XML code lists.

The Manual on WIS is supported by the Guide to the WIS and the Manual on GTS.

2015 Edition of the Manual on WIS

VersionImplementation datearenesfrruzhCode lists
2015 Edition (2017 Update) arenesfrruzh 1.3.6
2015 Edition (2016 Update) arenesfrruzh1.3.6
Amd 2016-117 May 2016arenesfrruzh 1.3.6
2015 Edition 1 January 2016 arenesfrruzh 1.3.5

Previous Editions of the Manual on WIS

VersionImplementation datearenesfrruzhCode lists
2012 Edition, Amd 2015-224 Nov 2015arenesfrruzh1.3.5
2012 Edition, Amd 2015-119 May 2015arenesfrruzh1.3.4
2012 Edition, Amd 2014-115 May 2014arenesfrruzh1.3.3
2012 Edition (2013 Update)1 January 2014 arenesfrruzh 1.3.1
2012 Edition 1 January 2013 arenesfrruzh

Current consultations on Manuals and Guides

ConsultationConsultation summaryTypeClosing date
There are no current consultations.

WIS Discovery Metadata

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