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SATCOM Executive Committee 2018:

Meeting information

Report of the meeting: Final report

Chair: Michael Prior-Jones
WMO & Webex contact: Dave Thomas

Location:WMO, Geneva
Date: Monday 26 March 2018
Time: 1:00Pm | Europe Time (Berlin, UTC+1:00)
Room: Jura 6
Video Conference: BLueJeans "BJ-6J/28.03-Satcom-Exec-2018"

Key objectives

The primary objectives of the meeting are to review the Satcom Handbook and plan for Satcom 2018

Meeting details

Registration for the meeting

Members of the Satcom Executive will be sent an official invitation from WMO.

Travel information

Video Conference details

Remote participation in the meeting of the BlueJeans for the duration of the meeting, from 1 p.m. through 5.30 p.m. (Geneva time) on 26 March 2018.
  • Instructions for use of BlueJeans are provided here.
  • Please find below the details allowing you to join the video meetings on a computer or mobile phone:
    • ID: 476 841 546
    • Email wis-help@wmo.int and ask for code
    • Click here to join
And, should you wish to test your video connection, please click on the following:https://bluejeans.com/111

Document submission

Participants should submit their documents and presentations for the meeting using the document submission form.
Link for administration of meeting documents (for use be secretariat)

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