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Steering Group on Radio Frequency Coordination

A meeting of the Steering Group for Radio Frequency Coordination (SG-RFC) will be held from 11-13 March 2014 in Boulder, Colorado, USA at the NOAA Skaggs Building.
Meeting Room: TBA
Working hours: 9:00am -5:30pm


Chair: Jose Arimatea de Sousa Brito (Brazil)
WMO: David Thomas
Local contact: David Franc (NOAA)


  • See List of Participants for current status of participation list. All SG-RFC members have been sent an official invitation.

Background Documents

Reference Information

Information Documents

  • Info01 - Information for participants
  • Info02 - List of Participants
  • Info03 - Document Plan
  • Info04 - Czech document on Weather Radar (5GHz)
  • Info05 - Meeting access registration form **

Template for submissions

Output Documents

WMO Position Paper (With track changes) (Doc04r6)
WMO Position Paper (Clean, approved for publication)
Final Report (v03)


  • Doc 01 - Agenda for SG-RFC Meeting (2014-1) (Draft)
  • Doc 02 - Report of SG-RFC Meeting Jan 2013
  • Doc 03 - Extracts from EC-65 Report, Including Resolution 9 (EC-65)
  • Doc 04r6 - Draft update of WMO Position Paper on WRC-15 Agenda (Meeting Working Document) (uploaded 14/3/2014)
  • Doc 05 - Minutes of SFCG 33rd Annual Meeting **
  • Doc 06 - SFCG objectives for WRC-15 (link)
  • Doc 07 - ITU WP 5B Liaison Statement to WP 1B on PDNR on White Space
  • Doc 08 - Draft SADC Preliminary Views for WRC-15**
  • Doc 09 - Status of LightSquared Interest in 1675-1680 MHz
  • Doc 10r1 - Radio-frequency spectrum for space weather activities.
  • Doc 11r1 - Report on Issues Related to Radars
  • Doc 12 - Report on Cooperation with GEO
  • Doc 13 - Report on Radiosonde Issues
  • Doc 14r1 - Information on CIMO Activities in Radio-Frequency Coordination
  • Doc 15 - Report on Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT)
  • Doc 16 - Report on European Conference of Postal and Telecommunication Administrations (CEPT)
  • Doc 17(Doc 17 update** -06Jun2014) - Report on Inter-American Telecommunication Commission (CITEL)
  • Doc 18 - Report on Regional Commonwealth in the Field of Communications (RCC)
  • Doc 19r1 - Report on MetSat & EESS issues
  • Doc 20 - Spaceborne remote sensing applications
  • Doc 21 - GEO input to WMO Position Paper
  • Doc 22 - Report on EESS (active)
  • Doc 23 - Report on issues related to Lightning Detection
  • Doc 24r1 - African Telecommunication Union (ATU)preliminary position WRC15 agenda **
  • Doc 25 - Short report on the WRC-15 Preparation Workshop (Dec 2013)
  • Doc 26 - Report on ITU activities
  • Doc 27r1 - Summary Table WRC15 Regional Positions (Working Doc)**
  • (others)To be provide

Regional reports to WRC-15 Preparatory Workshop Dec 2013

Please propose agenda items and submit papers to David Thomas

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