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The content of the wiki will be available from old.wmo.int/wiswiki/wiswiki.wmo.int as a static web site with an identical look. However, the wiki will not be functional and users will not be able to login and change or upload new content.



Short URLs provided through http://wis.wmo.int

Much information referred to by WIS documentation is available using URLs on the internet. Typically, these URLs are long and difficult to copy from documentation (especially printed documentation) without making mistakes. These URLs may change with time, making the URL in documentation unhelpful or misleading.

The WMO WIS secretariat maintains a series of "short URLs" that make it easier to refer to documents published on the internet. In addition to making the URLs shorter, some of these short URLs can be used to point to the current version of documents, so that if a document is updated, it is not necessary to change the link in other documents or websites.

Note: some of the URLs point to locations point to locations of text within a PDF document. Not all browsers support this (neither does the latest version of Microsoft Word), and in that case the document opens at the first page.

Note: please let the WIS secretariat know if the URLs do not work correctly (wis-help at wmo.int) so that the URLs can be pointed to the correct versions of documents.

Short URLs are of the form http://wis.wmo.int/text

The short URLs are listed in the table. Any other value of text will be resolved as a normal URL. The URLs are not case sensitive (unless they match patterns, in which case the part of the pattern that is sent to the target URL may be case sensitive).

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