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Submit an entry for the register of tools to support Members in delivering WMO and partner programmes
Please use this form to propose a new entry for the register or to amend an existing entry. Note that after you submit your entry it will be checked by the secretariat before appearing on the web page.

To add a new entry, please leave the "Updates entry" and "Delete previous entry" boxes empty.
To modify an existing entry, please put the ID of the entry to be replaced in the "Updates entry" box. The secretariat will replace the old entry with the one you enter on this form.
To remove an existing entry, enter the values from the entry to be deleted, put the ID of the entry to be removed in the "Updates entry" box, and check the "Delete previous entry" box.

(automatically generated after item creation)
Identifier for this record (set automatically)
Broad classification of entry
Type of service being offered
Brief name of item being offered.
Cost. NMHS=National Hydrometeorological or Meteorological Service.
Name of the organization offering the item.
Description of item being offered
Email address to be used to contact supplier about the item.
Telephone number to be used to contact the organization offering the item.
URL of the website of the supplier.
Brief description of the supplier
Email address for contacting supplier about administration of the entry.
To ask the secretariat to edit an existing entry, put the ID of the entry to be replaced here. The lD entry will be removed from the list and the replacement added.
Check this box if the "replaced" entry is to be deleted. When deleting an entry, please fill in this form with the values from the entry being deleted, so that we can be sure that we are deleting the correct record.
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Fields marked with an * are mandatory.

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