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TT AvXML Meeting 2 (Feb 2012)

TT-AvXML Meeting 2 - February 2012

Location: EUROCONTROL Headquarters, Brussels

Date: 28 to 29 February 2012

  • Registration & opening: 9:00am. 28 February 2012
  • Closing 5pm 29 February 2012
  • Meeting Room: To Be Decided
  • Chair: Enrico Fucile (ECMWF)
  • Provisional List of Participants
  • WMO contact: Steve Foreman

Information about location

Final Minutes

The final minutes of the meeting are linked from here.

Reference documents


Objectives of the meeting

  • Agree methods of resolving issues arising from MARIE-PT
  • Agree what has to be produced for submission to ICAO, and how this will be done
  • Agree what documentation is required for CBS ad how it will be produced.


1.1. Opening of the meeting

1.2. Approval of the agenda

1.3. Working arrangements

2. Feedback from MARIE-PT

3. Logical Data Model

3.1. Status

3.2. Review of the model

3.3. Alignment between TDCF and XML format.

4. Conversion from Logical Data Model to XML schema

4.1. Status

4.2. Name space and online location of XML schema

4.3. Maintenance of modelling and transformation tools

5. Test data and test activity

5.1. Status and results

5.2. Selection of data test set

5.3. Planning of further testing

6. Issues to be discussed

6.1. Handling parameters where ICAO and WMO practices or definitions differ

6.2. How to approach parameters where the TAC allow an option of mixed numbers and text

6.3. Consistency with AIXM

6.4. Packages to be maintained by WMO/ICAO

6.5. Use of tool sets

6.6. How should XML address bulletin header and BUFR Table 1 entries?

7. Update to plan

8. Date of next meeting

  • Telephone conference

9. AOB

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