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Meeting: TT-AvXML Teleconference 4: 3 February 2016

Meeting information

Report of the meeting: Final report

Chair: Enrico Fucile (ECMWF)
WMO & Webex contact: Steve Foreman

Location: WebEx
Date: Wednesday 3 February 2016
Time: 1400 UTC | Duration 1h 30m

Key objectives

The primary objectives of the meeting are to:
  • Agree the approach to reducing the size of IWXXM messages
  • Agree approach and responsibilities for adding additional report types into IWXXM.

Meeting Agenda

1. Introductory comments by Chair

2. Changes to METCE

3. Adding AIRMET, Tropical Cyclone Advisories and Volcanic Ash Advisories (expected to be in Amd 77).

4. Other changes for version 2

5. Agree responsibilities and time table

6. Any other business

Meeting details

The meeting will be held by WebEx.

Meeting number: 704 944 492
Meeting password: 123456

Dial in numbers: See list on WebEx

Timetable for development of IWXXM

Product description Due
Final contents of 2.0 RC1 available (UML and XML schema) 29/02/2016
Draft of version 2.0 RC1 published 31/03/2016
Final release of pre-approval version 2.0 31/05/2016
Comments on 2.0 received from users 30/04/2016
Documentation submitted to CBS-16 31/05/2016
Recommendation from CBS-16 30/11/2016
Approval by EC-69 and final definition of version 2.0/2.1 30/06/2017
Decision on proposal for Amd 78 31/10/2016
TT-AvXML to agree expected contents of 3.0 30/11/2017
TT-AvXML to agree technical details associated with contents of 3.0 30/11/2017
Version 3.0 draft issued following decision of ICAO Council 31/03/2018
Comments on 3.0 received from users 30/04/2018
Documentation submitted to CBS‑Ext(2018) 31/05/2018
Recommendation from CBS-xx 30/11/2018
Approval by EC-71 and final definition of version 3.0/3.1 30/06/2019

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