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Earlier drafts of WMO AvXML

This page provides an historical reference to earlier drafts of AvXML.

Testing AvXML version 1.0 Release Candidate 2

Testing of Release Candidate 2 will used the same approach as for RC1. The final version of AvXML 1.0 would then be released in September 2013.

Information about AvXML 1.0RC2 was published on this wiki on the AvXML 1.0RC2 page

Testing AvXML version 1.0 Release Candidate 1

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on AvXML 1.0RC1. As a result of that feedback, the team has made structural changes to AvXML to simplify the schema and to increase the flexibility of AvXML. The changes are wider in scope than had been expected in the original plan and will be included in Release Candidate 2.

Information about testing of AvXML (Aviation XML) 1.0RC1 is available from page "METCE-1.0RC1" on this wiki.

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