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Task Team on Aviation XML Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Task Team on Aviation XML were agreed by CBS-MG XII.

  1. To define the weather and climate information that must be represented in the aviation XML standard
  2. To identify the key characteristics required of the aviation weather XML standard to allow consistency with the emerging WMO data model and existing examples of best practice e.g. EUROCONTROL WXCM, and that will allow consistent evolution alongside other WMO data representations to avoid duplication of effort and inconsistencies
  3. To identify how the aviation weather XML standard can be maintained over a 50 year lifetime (METAR has been used since 1968) in an environment where it is used within embedded avionics
  4. To create a draft standard for the conjoint ICAO/WMO meeting in 2014 (June) in a state that will allow meaningful testing by the aviation community and the supporting manufacturers
  5. To create a final standard in line with ICAO requirements that takes account of the lessons learned during testing
  6. To set up mechanisms for the creation, operation and maintenance of any catalogues, registries or similar that are required to support the aviation weather XML standard
  7. To create and provide the necessary regulatory and supporting materials for the aviation weather XML standard to be implemented.

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