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TT-AvXML Meeting 1

Task Team on Aviation XML - Meeting 1

Location: WMO Headquarters, Geneva

Date: 29 November to 1 December 2011

  • Registration & opening: 9:00am. 29 November 2011
  • Closing 5pm 01 December 2011
  • Meeting Room: To Be Decided
  • Chair: Enrico Fucile (ECMWF)
  • WMO contact: Steve Foreman

Final Minutes

The final minutes of the meeting are attached to this page.

Reference documents

Provisional Agenda

Objectives of the meeting

  1. Team understands what the aviation industry is seeking from the WXXM family
  2. Team understands principles of WMO data representations
  3. Principles that will determine compatibility between aviation XML (and hence WXXM) and WMO data representations are agreed
  4. Change and maintenance constraints on the aviation XML are agreed
  5. Workplan until ICAO meeting in 2014 agreed.


1.1. Opening of the meeting

1.2. Approval of the agenda

1.3. Working arrangements

1.4. Confirmation of the Terms of Reference

2. Aviation’s need for XML

3. Status of data representation

3.1. Aviation’s approach to data representation

How has the WXXM family been created, how will it be maintained, what is the status?

3.1.1. Weather Exchange Conceptual Model (WXCM)

3.1.2. Weather Exchange Model (WXXM)

3.1.3. Weather Exchange Schema (WXXS)

3.2. WMO data representations

Maintenance methods – Technical Regulations and Manuals
Table Driven Code Forms
WMO Data Model

4. Principles for WMO Aviation XML

Identify the principles that will be used to create WMO’s Aviation XML Technical Regulations and Manual entries, and issues around interoperability with other WMO data representations

5. Agree workplan to June 2014

6. Further activities (list of actions, next meeting, etc),

7. Any Other Business

8. Closure of meeting

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