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TT-IM-2 Submit document

Submit a document to the first meeting of the Task Team on Information mangaement
Please use the document and presentation templates for the meeting.

If you need to update a document, please re-submit it as a new document with the same name. The meeting organizer will use the latest version available at the time the meeting website is updated.

The form allows you to submit a document and a presentation at the same time. You may submit them separately if you wish.

Please make sure that you submit the document to the right meeting.

Agenda item (Please use an integer that aligns with the agenda number, not sub item numbers. eg Agenda item 2.3 should be entered as 2
Email address for the organizers to contact if there are queries about the document or presentation.
URL from which document can be downloaded (if your document is larger than 50Mb)
Name of the person submitting the document
Word, powerpoint, pdf or other file to be uploaded
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Fields marked with an * are mandatory.

If you cannot read the "captcha" press "Try another code" to generate a new code.

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