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Task Team on WIGOS Metadata Data Representation (TT-MDG)
This team is a sub-team of IPET-DD that concentrates on development of guidance for WIS discovery metadata.

Next meeting

To be determined

Current activities

22 January 2018 1200 UTC (two hours reserved on WebEx)
Meeting number (access code): 707 674 593
Meeting password: Roberts
Link: Link to meeting
Phone: dial-in numbers

Work plan

  • Summarize what guidance is available
  • Identify the dependencies between the WIS metadata and other infrastructure and activities
  • Seek feedback from users
  • Review training materials and ask trainers for feedback given to them by trainees
  • List what is required in metadata records for them to be useful to users.
  • List what is required in metadata records for them to be useful for search.
  • Catalogue the tools available to help users to create metadata records.
  • Catalogue other tools to assist with metadata management (eg the validators)
  • Provide a communication system with trainers to help them keep their content up to date (and to learn from them).
  • Update the wiki and other resources to make them consistent – can an alerting mechanism be provided to notify users and authors of changes in the documentation?
  • Define how metadata will be assessed, and implement mechanisms to perform the assessment that can be integrated with the operations of the GISCs and the WIS monitoring.

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