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First meeting of the Expert Team on the Evolution of WIS

Final Report

Final Report: TT-eWIS2017

Info on the meeting

Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 21 - 23 November 2017
Working Hours: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Meeting Room: Press Room (21-22 Nov), Jura 8 (23 Nov)
Chairs: Mattéo DELL'ACQUA and Baudouin RAOULT
Local Contact: Jeremy Tandy
WMO contact: Jeremy Tandy

Video-conference details

Remote participation in TT-eWIS2017 will be provided through BlueJeans. Instructions for use of BlueJeans are provided here. You can also connect to BlueJeans from mobile devices using an App.

Meeting ID: 712 216 353

The participant passcode will be emailed to invited participants. Please contact Jeremy Tandy or Florence Grosfilley if you have not received the passcode.

Meeting background

Resolution 20 (Cg-17) requests that CBS pursue a leading role in the technical implementation and operation of WIS, including the GTS as its core network, for the collection and sharing of information for all WMO and related international programmes.

Resolution 31 (Cg-17) classifies telecommunications between WIS Centres as an essential service for creating and distributing data, products, warnings and advisories for the protection of life and property.

Resolution 8 (EC-69) endorsed the WIS 2.0 strategy, as listed in the Annex to Recommendation 35 (CBS-16). As per the OPAG-ISS Work Plan, provided in the final report of the seventeenth session of CBS Management Group, this first meeting of the Task Team on the Evolution of WIS (TT-eWIS) will:
  • consolidate the WIS 2.0 stakeholder requirements (work plan item TT-eWIS01); and
  • begin the development of the implementation plan for WIS 2.0 (work plan item TT-eWIS02).

Main expected deliverables

  1. Draft implementation plan for migration to WIS 2.0 (including timelines)
  2. Definition of organisational structure necessary to implement and coordinate migration to WIS 2.0

Word cloud
Word cloud from introduction to meeting

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