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WIS Monitoring - Demonstration Team (WP1 Demo)

Webex No 1 of 2015

Meeting details

Chair: Remy Giraud
WMO & Webex contact: Steve Foreman & Dave Thomas
Webex Name:Kickoff-WIS Monitoring Demo
Date: Friday, April 10, 2015
Time: 02:00 pm | Europe Time (Berlin, GMT+02:00) | 2 hrs

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Output documents


TBA but should address
1. Dates of Demo (1-3 June 2015)
2. Messages to be delivered
  • WIS is operational
    • WIS is operational and many centres are providing information through it (eg CMA/JMA portal showing number of GISCs, Metadata records, and CPDB map of WIS centres). Click here for CPDB map.
    • WIS is extensive (eg INMET's active display).
  • WIS is providing essential information reliably
    • Members should be able to see stats for their NC, or at least what they can expect to see.
    • WIS monitoring is real time and feeds routine monitoring (eg Quarterly and Annual reporting on availability of WIS centres and WIS usage)
  • WIS Monitoring focuses on WIS
    • What is WIS Monitoring
    • WIS monitoring is different from WWW monitoring (Show display of WWW monitoring results).
    • User Programmes are responsible for monitoring the contents of their own product monitoring.
  • Information on WIS is widely available
    • Demonstrators should be able to answer questions on WIS from Cg delegates and secretariat staff
3. Who will participate in Demo at Cg
4. What resources will you bring (or supply if not attending) and what needs to be supplied by WMO (eg Posters, PCs)
5. Status of demonstration components (how ready are we now) - Include JSON specification
6. What will be shown
7. What is missing and needs to be done to achieve the above messages
8. Who will do what (ie lead on elements, demo project lead, etc)
9. timelines and meetings
10. Live practice



W.Qu (BoM) , R.Giraud (MF) Project leads
M.Heene (DWD) GISC Offenbach
Y.Hokase (JMA) GISC Tokyo
P.Wang (CMA) GISC Beijing
JM.Resende (INMET )GISC Brasilia
S.Foreman & D.Thomas (WMO) Secretariat


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