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WIS "Competencies and Curriculum" Development Workshop

1 – 4 October 2013
Geneva, Switzerland

Facilitator: Dr Ian Bell (Australia)
Coordinator: David Thomas
Working hours: 9am to 5pm
Location: WMO, Room 8 Jura (Breakout rooms 6 Lake and 7 Jura)


The objective of this workshop is to identify the competences that are required for the roles involved in operating and exploiting the WMO Information System and to produce a draft curriculum for training in WIS. The curriculum will then be refined by those attending the workshop, assisted by other experts, for presentation to CBS Ext(14) after consultation with all OPAG-ISS Expert Teams.

A high level outline of the background and aims of the workshop were discussed at ET-WISC in July 2013 (ET-WISC in July 2013).


This workshop aims to capturing the knowledge of WIS experts to identify what skill sets are needed by various WIS Centre managers, support staff and users of WIS.

A facilitator will be taking the participating experts on a journey that will teach them what they need to know about curriculum development, identification of tasks and skills in order for the experts to be able to properly identify the core skills and training requirements for people in these various roles.

It is planned that on the fourth day of the workshop, participants will have agreement on the output of a set of tasks and associated training requirements, along with identifying which skills should be from external training (eg Cisco, university, etc) or internal specific (eg GTS Abbreviated headers, management of Vol A and C, WWW Monitoring, etc). Some will be a mixture (eg WIS Discovery Metadata profile vs General ISO19115 and metadata knowledge). Our primary focus is to identify what tasks will be undertaken by WIS Centre managers and their staff, and what core skills need to be available in a WIS centre to be able to carry out these tasks. In doing this we will also aim to identify any specific skills needed by WIS users of different types.

Background reading will be provided a week before the meeting in preparation for the workshop, although it is expected that the experts will have a full knowledge of the Manual On WIS fifteen Technical specifications and how these fit into the day to day working of any WIS centre including NMHSs and RTHs.


Matteo DELL’AQUA (France) matteo.dellacqua@meteo.fr
Kenji TSUNODA (Japan) tsunoda@met.kishou.go.jp
LI Xiang (China) lixiang@cma.gov.cn
Jeremy TANDY (UK) jeremy.tandy@metoffice.gov.uk
Remy GIRAUD France remy.giraud@meteo.fr
José MAURO de REZENDE (Brazil) jmauro.rezende@inmet.gov.br
Henry KARANJA (Kenya) hkaranja2001@yahoo.com
Kevin ALDER (NZ) kevin.alder@metservice.com
Robert BUNGE (USA) robert.bunge@noaa.gov
Cumbi Hugues AYINA AKILOTAN (Senegal) ayinahug@asecna.org
Leonid BEZROUK (Russian Fed) bezrouk@mecom.ru
Olga Petrova (Russian Fed) olpetrova2004@yandex.ru
Steve FOREMAN (WMO) sforeman@wmo.int
Timo PRÖSCHOLDT (WMO) tproescholdt@wmo.int
Peiliang SHI (WMO) pshi@wmo.int
David THOMAS (WMO) dthomas@wmo.int
Ian BELL (Facilitator) iandbell@fastmail.fm
Jeff WILSON (WMO)jwilson@wmo.int
Patrick PARRISH (WMO)pparrish@wmo.int

Group email address: cbs-adhoc-01@wmo.int


In session documents and presentations

* WIS Competencies (Working Docs)

* Learning guides

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