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WIS Discovery Metadata
WIS Discovery Metadata - also known as the WMO Core Profile of the ISO 19115 Geographic Metadata standard.

Formal documentation

  • Manual on WIS (WMO-No. 1060) Part V. This defines the standard.
  • Guide to WIS (WMO-No. 1061) Part V. This provides guidance on how to use the WIS Discovery Metadata standard.

Viewing the WIS discovery metadata catalogue

The WIS discovery metadata catalogue is available at every Global Information System Centre (GISC). All GISCs allow the catalogue to be searched. Links to the GISC websites are provided on the page https://www.wmo.int/giscs.

Supplementary information

Suggested practices for application areas

Supplementary Guidance refered to by the Manual on WIS or Guide to WIS

Previous guidance on WIS discovery metadata

Previous guidance on WIS discovery metadata

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