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Cache in Cloud

Cache in the cloud working group

Work plan

(note: this Trello board is private- for an invitation please contact either Rémy Giraud or Jeremy Tandy)


  • (2017T1-3.4 Jeremy) Ensure that work of the ET-CTS 'cache-in-the-cloud' ad-hoc team is aligned / integrated with that of TT-eWIS.
  • (2017T2-3.5 Mark) Develop indicative costs for AWS, Azure and Interoute based on 20GB per day traffic from 15 GISCs and presenting a ‘glorified FTP service’ approach. (28SEP)
  • (2017T2-4.2 Tobias, Mark) Discuss Tobias' experiences about use of AZURE and assessment of the 'operational use cases' that need to be supported as input to the revised Procurement and Financial presentation. (8SEP)
  • (2017T2-4.3 Mark, Yaku, Yori, Peng, Sungsoo) Develop version 2 of their presentations. (15SEP)
  • (2017T2-4.4 Rémy, Ilona, Tobias) Consolidate the revised presentations into a coherent whole. (6OCT)

Completed actions

  • (2017T1-3.12 Jeremy) Provide TT-CAC Audit Requirements to the ET-CTS 'cache-in-the-cloud' ad-hoc team.
  • (2017T1-4.3 Jeremy) Share the report of this meeting with ET-WISC and TT-GISC, requesting that other organizations contribute if they are able.
  • (2017T1-4.9 Rémy) Clarify with Sungsoo DO if KMA want to participate in one of the work items outlined above.
  • (2017T1-5.1 Jeremy) Add reference documents to wiki page.
  • (2017T1-6.3 All) Share 'discussion papers' prior to next WebEx (scheduled for 2-Aug-2017).

Meeting minutes

Next meeting(s)

  • 2017T3 (28-Sep-2017) - WebEx details to be provided ... only for sub-group working on consolidation.
  • 2017T4 (12-Oct-2017) - WebEx details to be provided

Background documentation

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