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Expected development schedule for iwxxm
References to Amdnn are amendments to Annex 3 to the Convention on International Air Navigation.

Development of iwxm 3.0

iwxxm 3.0 will address the requirements of Amd 78. Early drafts will be made available as release candidates for application developers to test, and feed back from those release candidates will be used to finalize the release candidate that will be issued for formal consultation in December 2018. iwxxm 3.0 is planned to be approved in May 2019, with an operational date in November 2019.

Indicative schedule for releases of iwxxm beyond 3.0

Nov 2019Amd 78iwxxm 3.0
Nov 2021Amd 79iwxxm 4.0 (or iwxxm 3.1 if iwxxm 3.0 permits backwards compatibility of release)
Initial support for SWIM environment
Nov 2023Amd 80iwxxm 4.1 (or iwxxm 3.2 if iwxxm 3.0 permits backwards compatibility of releases)
Nov 2025Amd 81iwxxm 5.0 (or 4.0). Compatible with SWIM "data centricity" requirements

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