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joint-ET-WISC CTS-2017

Joint meeting of the Expert Teams on WIS Centres (ET-WISC) and Communication Techniques & Systems (ET-CTS)

incorporating the annual meeting of TT-GISC

Final Report

Final report: Joint ET-WISC ET-CTS TT-GISC meeting, 2017

Info on the meeting

Location: Geneva, Switzerland
Date: 13 - 17 November 2017
Working Hours: 9:00am to 5:30pm
Meeting Rooms: Salle C2 and Lake 6
Chairs: LI Xiang (ET-WISC), Rémy GIRAUD (ET-CTS) and Ken TSUNODA (TT-GISC)
Local Contact: Jeremy Tandy
WMO contacts: Jeremy Tandy, Steve Foreman and David Thomas

Video-conference details

Remote participation in the Joint ET-WISC/ET-CTS/TT-GISC2017 meeting will be provided through BlueJeans. Instructions for use of BlueJeans are provided here. You can also connect to BlueJeans from mobile devices using an App.

Meeting details depend on the day and the location of the session that you intend to join.

Monday 13-Nov, Salle C2 (Plenary and TT-GISC2017)
Meeting ID: 107 550 243

__Monday 13 Nov, Lake 6 (Cache-in-the-cloud)
Meeting ID: 316 882 408

Tuesday 14-Nov & Wednesday 15-Nov, Salle C2 (ET-WIS**C2017)
Meeting ID: 626 694 960

Tuesday 14-Nov & Wednesday 15-Nov, Lake 6 (ET-CTS2017)
Meeting ID: 652 387 642

(no formal video-conference arrangements for alternative break-out rooms on Wednesday afternoon)

Thursday 16-Nov & Friday 17-Nov, Salle C2 (Plenary)
Meeting ID: 708 147 299 updated 17-Nov 09:90 UTC please contact WIS Help for the passcode

The participant passcodes will be emailed to invited participants. Please contact Jeremy Tandy or Florence Grosfilley if you have not received the passcode.

Meeting background

Resolution 20 (Cg-17) requests that CBS pursue a leading role in the technical implementation and operation of WIS, including the GTS as its core network, for the collection and sharing of information for all WMO and related international programmes.

Resolution 31 (Cg-17) classifies telecommunications between WIS Centres as an essential service for creating and distributing data, products, warnings and advisories for the protection of life and property.

Decision 25 (CBS-16) requests that OPAG-ISS continue the development of a common security incident management process.

Decision 26 (CBS-16) requests that OPAG-ISS make operational at least two WIS Monitoring Common Dashboards and propose updates to regulatory material in support of WIS monitoring.

The sixteenth session of CBS Management Group recognized that a team in quality auditing could serve all CBS centre registrations rather than being limited to WIS centres, including the audit procedures being implemented by the amendments to the Manual on GDPFS. As per the terms of reference for the Expert Team on WIS Centres (ET-WISC) and the Expert Team on Centre Audit/Certification (ET-CAC), as approved in Decision 33 (CBS-16), ET-CAC will establish an adapted audit and certification process suitable to all WMO programmes, while ET-WISC will amend the guidance and management procedures for assessment of candidate GISCs and DCPCs to suit the new audit and certification process, proposing amendments to the regulatory material as necessary.

Resolution 7 (EC-69) requested that CBS review the amendments proposed in Annex 2 to Recommendation 18 (CBS-16) concerning the WIS Core Network, configuration of WIS Routeing on the Main Telecommunication Network and the responsibilities of the Regional Telecommunication Hubs.

Resolution 8 (EC-69) endorsed the WIS 2.0 strategy, as listed in the Annex to Recommendation 35 (CBS-16), wherein cloud services are cited as a key enabling technology. Annex 1 to Decision 15 (CBS-16) notes that WMO requires a clear idea of how best to leverage cloud storage and cloud computing capabilities. As per the OPAG-ISS Work Plan, provided in the final report of the seventeenth session of CBS Management Group, the Expert Team on Communication Techniques and Systems (ET-CTS) will pursue further investigation of the use of cloud services to support WIS functions (ET-CTS02.1 and ET-CTS02.2 “Cache in and through the cloud” phases 1 and 2).

Due to the cross-cutting nature of these topics and the accelerated time-frame caused by the need to deliver recommendations to CBS TECO, March 2018, a joint meeting of ET-WISC and ET-CTS will progress the following specific topics:

1. “Cache in and through the cloud” project
2. Cyber security incident response and event reporting procedures
3. Certification and audit criteria for WIS Centres
4. Operationalization of WIS Monitoring
5. GISC Core Network and GISC interconnectivity

The meeting will be structured in two parallel sessions allowing for a diversity of topics to be rapidly progressed, before concluding in plenary session to agree the recommendations for CBS TECO 2018.

Day 1: Parallel sessions, "Cache in and through the cloud" and TT-GISC
Day 2-3: Parallel sessions, ET-CTS and ET-WISC (incorporating TT-GISC)
Day 4-5: Plenary session

Given the focus on WIS-related topics, and the participation of experts in these discussions from many Members operating GISCs, the annual meeting of the Task Team on GISCs (TT-GISC) will also occur. For details of TT-GISC-2017 please contact Ken TSUNODA.

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