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Info about the metadatagenerator of DWD

The DWD metadata generator works off a database containing information about WMO products and members.

In order to get it to work the following steps have to be finished.

  1. obtain the metadata generator zip file
  2. create a database and import the info about procucts and members into this database
  3. configure the configfile to match your DB credentials and settings
  4. run the generation process

1. obtaining the zip file

The zipfile containing the DWD metadatagenerator can be obtained from DWD upon request by email.
Unzip the zipfile into a folder of your choice. You will find the sourcefiles and some other folders containing files necessary ressources. The configuration files are found in the folder config.
At the moment the apache-ant tool is needed to build and run the software.

2. database creation and data import.

The best thing is to create a seperate database instance and a usename and password having
access rights to this DB instance.
Then the necessary 5 tables have to be created. In MySQL this can e.G be done with the
SQL script attached to this page.
Dataimport should then be performed into the tables. DB dumps in comma separated values can be downloaded from here.
In MySQL they can be imported by copying the *.csv into the mysql database directory (e.G into /var/lib/mysql/metadatagen/ on SuseLinux with a mysql database instance called "metadatagen" ) and running the following mysql imnport command for each of the tables afterwards.

mysqlimport -u root -p --ignore-lines=1  metadatagen GISC_PRODUCTS.csv

3. configuring the application

The configuration file is situated in config/job.properties. Various settings such as the output folders for the metadata, the location of the metadata template that should be used and the DB credentials are configured in the file.
The name and location of the file are hardcoded.

4. running the application.

The MD generator can finally be run by typing "ant" on the command line.

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