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Cooperating to deliver the WIS

What is OpenWIS ?

OpenWIS®, key role for WIS implementation

OpenWIS® main goal is to deliver an opensource system bringing WIS compliance for NCs (National Centres), DCPCs (Data Collection and Production Centres), GISCs (Global Information System Centres), on top of core NMSs’ systems, such as MSS/FSS (Message Switching System/File Switching System) or Data centre (Archive, Climate centre)

Who is behind ?

OpenWIS® is developed by several National Meteorological Services and one Service Provider

OpenWIS® project has been initiated by several National Meteorological Services (UKMO, MF) and one Service Provider (MFI). Several o ther NMSs have joined more recently the project (KMA, BoM), thus forming the OpenWIS Alliance.

What are key features ?

OpenWIS® is an opensource software to secure the future

Initiated by founding members of OpenWIS Alliance, this software aims at providing key functions for WIS compliance according to WMO requirements. Thanks to the long term commitment of the OpenWIS Alliance and to the opensource character of the software, OpenWIS® will act as a sustainable piece of WIS deployment and operation strategy in the next decades

In addition, because one service provider is part of the Alliance, it will facilitate integration to other WMO members.

OpenWIS® brings a single solution for GISC, DCPC and NC

OpenWIS® will come wit h specific fitted configurations: several versions: OpenWIS® / GISC, OpenWIS® / DCPC and OpenWIS® / NC.

OpenWIS® will be integrated on top of NMSs’ core systems

NMSs already have existing telecommunication and information systems, which OpenWIS® has to interact with (e.g. metadata management, information retrieval, etc).

Because OpenWIS® is designed to fit with various core systems of Alliance members, it should fit any IT architecture in the world. WIS candidate centres will have to check how their core systems can integrate with OpenWIS.

Already OpenWIS-ready telecommunication and information systems are available from service provider Meteo France International (MFI).

What are main functions ?

  • Maintain and synchronize 24h cache of data. A GISC must hold at least the last 24 hours’ worth of current global operational data (the ‘Cache’) for exchange, replication and synchronization with other GISCs

  • Synchronize metadata. GISC has to synchronize its metadata catalogue with its associated GISC neighbors, in order to guarantee synchronization of WIS catalogue around GISCs hub.

  • Supply dat a on request. OpenWIS for DCPC provides retrieval mechanism, in order to extract data and product from underlying information system.

  • Manage users. OpenWIS for DCPC provides user management with data policies and user roles, to restrict access to data and products.

  • Maintain and publish metadata. OpenWIS for NC maintains metadata associated with data and product of their responsibility. They must comply with WMO Core Metadata profile ISO19115 standard. OpenWIS for DCPC uploads its own metadata catalogue and metadata catalogue collected from NCs to the associated GISC. GISCs hub will then synchronize their catalogues.

  • Routine data supplyOpenWIS for NC provides routine for data collected by NC.

  • Interface to internal system. OpenWIS provides generic functions designed to be interfaced with telecommunication and information systems. Those generic interfaces will need adaptation in most NMS, because of the diversity of such underlying systems.


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