wiswiki.wmo.int will be retired on the 1st June 2020

The content of the wiki will be available from old.wmo.int/wiswiki/wiswiki.wmo.int as a static web site with an identical look. However, the wiki will not be functional and users will not be able to login and change or upload new content.

WIS news

Amendment to Manual on Codes Volume I.3 - introduce IWXXM 2.1.1

The President of WMO has approved amendment MM51 and 54 to WMO-No. 306 Manual on Codes Volume I.3, Part D Representations derived from data models. The implementation date is 15 May 2018.

This amendment introduces IWXXM 2.1.1 that resolves issues associated with validating IWXXM reports. The changes are to code lists and to the schematron validation rules. Details are described on the Manual on Codes Volume I.3 page of the WIS wiki.

The revised IWXXM package is available from http://schemas.wmo.int/iwxxm/2.1.1.

The previous release of IWXXM 2.1 has been copied to the iwxxm/2.1.0 folder. During the week containing 15 May, the contents of the iwxxm/2.1 folder will be replaced with IWXXM 2.1.1 so that references to the minor release folder, http://schemas.wmo.int/iwxxm/2.1, will then refer to the most recent approved version of that minor release. This practice of retaining the current patch release in the folder with the name of the minor release will be continued in the future.