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RA-V Workshop on the Implementation of WIS and TDCF, 29 April – 3 May 2013. Melbourne, Australia

RA-V Workshop on the Implementation of WMO Information System (WIS)

and Table Driven Code Form (TDCF), 29 April – 3 May 2013

Melbourne, Australia

With partnership funding from AusAID Pacific Public Sector Linkage Program (PSLP) for Pacific Island Countries and contributions from WMO and Australian Bureau of Meteorology for participation of other RA V Member countries


This workshop is aimed to assist South-West Pacific Member countries in WMO Regional Association V (RA V) and counterpart National Meteorological and Hydrometeorological Services (NMHS) in this region to develop the capacity for fully participating in WMO Information System (WIS) and to adopt the new reporting formats required in the migration to Table Driven Code Form (TDCF) for the exchange of observed and predicted weather data and products.

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