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Category Data representation
Type Software
Title IWXXM Web Service
Supplier name IBL Software Engineering
Item description The webpage is intended for testing of TAC conversion and IWXXM validation. We are interested in aligning our implementation with other organisations and companies working on IWXXM. The validation part originated from NCAR CRUX while the bi-directional TAC translation is proprietary. Our version of the validator which bundles all schemas for convenient offline validation is hosted on GitHub: https://github.com/iblsoft/iwxxm-validator. Please note that the demo requires a login/password, if you are interested please request password from iwxxm-support@iblsoft.com.
Supplier contact - email iwxxm-support@iblsoft.com
Supplier contact - telephone +421-2-32662111
Supplier contact - web site https://iwxxm.iblsoft.com
Description of supplier IBL Software Engineering builds its reputation on 40 years of tradition in the field of Meteorological IT development. Dating from its first Automated Meteorological Message Switching Systems, the branch in Frankfurt, Germany was established in 1988, while the branch in Bratislava, Slovakia was opened in 1997. IBL Software Engineering is employing IT specialists working exclusively in the Meteorological IT Environment with a high level of professional expertise.

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